The stars
of our community!

By helping Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska gain visibility, companies, organisations, and their employees have left their mark and have become a part of our stars! The average donation combined with high participation rates for the company’s size were the criteria for the various certificates. Activities that raised more than $500 were rewarded with the Sparks certificates.



Centraide Emeritus award

The Centraide Emeritus award is given each year to exceptional volunteers. This year, 2 people on the the Allocations and Agency Relations Committee (AARC) are rewarded.

Ben Banachowski

Committed, passionate and sensitive to the human cause since his early childhood, Ben likes to share, learn and understand about community issues, while working with community agencies on a daily basis. An experienced volunteer with the AARC for 11 years, Ben is always available to help us get the best picture of the community’s situation of the Richelieu-Yamaska territory.
Thank you, Ben, for your openness and generosity!

Daniel Brault

His extensive experience in the entrepreneurial field and his volunteering involvement makes Daniel an asset in the AARC’s work teams. Disciplined, active, enthusiastic and open to the world, Daniel has been present in the allocations and agency relations teams for 12 years. He is a great ambassador for Centraide’s cause and a good mentor for the team.
Thank you very much for your commitment, Daniel!