An involvement that makes the diffence

The success of our campaign is closely linked to the mandate of our volunteer advisers. Involved in the campaign, their task is to provide tools and support for more than 160 companies while they plan their workplace campaigns.

For the 2022 campaign

Centraide R-Y is looking for volunteer advisors in the RCMs of Les Maskoutains, Pierre-De Saurel and Vallée-du-Richelieu to help it during the annual fundraising campaign.

In partnership with the Philanthropic Development Coordinator, the role of the volunteer is to:

  • Deliver campaign material (posters, flyers, promotional items, etc.) to companies that organize campaigns in the workplace;
  • Follow up by phone and email with corporate campaign managers (ECDs) to ensure the smooth running of their campaign and assess their needs;
  • Be present at certain activities (bike challenge, golf tournament, kiosks) to promote the Centraide cause in businesses and support the work team;
  • Collect completed campaign reports from companies once their campaign is over.

About 5 to 10 hours/week, daytime

September to December

Are you interested?
Contact Julie Vachon at 450 773-6679, ext. 204, or at campagne@centraidery.org