What is planned giving?

Planned giving comes from a calculated action combined with a heartfelt commitment. It is the result of financial, fiscal, or successoral planning that brings advantages for both the donor and beneficiary.

Different types of planned giving


You can leave a specific amount to Centraide R-Y, a percentage of your estate’s residual, or any other asset.

Life insurance

You can designate Centraide R-Y as a beneficiary or owner and beneficiary of a new or existing insurance policy.

Donation of assets
from a retirement plan (RRSP, RRIF)

You can used the mandatory withdrawals from your RRIF to make a donation or name Centraide R-Y as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF in your will.

Furniture and building

You can donate securities (stock, bonds, mutual funds, shares) or any part of your non-registered investment holdings; art, jewelry, cottage, land, etc.

Gift annuities

There are a variety of donation possible (charitable annuities, charitable remainder trusts, etc.). This type of donation lets you generate incomes and it saves you a considerable amount on your taxes.

Why choose
Centraide R-Y for your planned giving?

You can be sure that your funds are invested wisely in your community.

You are bringing long-term funding to future generations.

You can benefit from a tax reduction.

You are leaving a lifelong footprint.

The advantages of planned giving:

  • You can optimise your financial planning while contributing to the well-being of your community;
  • You can leave a “living footprint” by bringing long-term support to a cause that you cherish;
  • In addition to supporting the work that you love, your donation can reduce the tax burden of your estate.

How to prepare for planned giving:

  1. Chose the organization to which you want to donate;
  2. Determine the goal of your donation;
  3. Consult your financial planner, notary, accountant, tax advisor, life insurer, or any other professional with good knowledge of planned giving;
  4. If you wish, inform the recipient organization and your loved ones of your decision.

Planned giving is possible for anyone, no matter their financial wealth.

Do not hesitate to contact M. Pierre Piché, Major and planned donations coordinator, if you have any questions.

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