The committed and passionate people at the heart of Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska!

The efforts of passionate volunteers, combined with the professionalism and hard work of our team, is what allows Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska to be a dynamic organization. Everything is being done to find lasting solutions to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion.

Caroline Lippé
Executive director
Privacy Officer
Annie Desgranges
Donation administration and management coordinator
Annie Desgranges
Donation Administration and Management Coordinator
Isabelle Gadbois
Communications coordinator
Pierre Piché 2023
Pierre Piché
Business development coordinator for major and planned giving
Yaneth Gomez
Social development coordinator
Carole-Anne Gagnon
Philanthropic Development Coordinator
Marc Champagne
Coordinator of the social delegates network for the Montérégie region
Céline Boivin
Administrative assistant

Le conseil d'administration

Centraide R-Y’s involved and united volunteers

Our job at Centraide R-Y is to ensure that vulnerable people here have access to resources and tools that allow them to improve their condition so that they can take their rightful place in the community. The Board of Directors is made up of professionals, businessmen and women who pool their skills and networks of knowledge to help Centraide R-Y on a voluntary basis in achieving its objectives.

Renée Claude Legault
Raymond Côté
Vice president
Stéphanie Guillet
Lise Lemonde
Danielle Brassard
Jean-François Perreault
Rachel Bélanger
Yves Brouillette
Yves Brouillette
Jean-Philippe Ouellette
Stéphane Brin
Stéphane Brin
Jean-François Laporte 2023
Jean-François Laporte

Conseillers bénévoles

An involvement that goes a long way!

The success of our campaign is closely tied to the role of our volunteer advisors. Engaged in the campaign, their job is to provide support and guidance to over 200 organizations in planning their workplace campaigns.

For our Centraide 2023 campaign, here are our 5 volunteer advisors:

Danny Laroche

Certified Real Estate Broker DA

Jean-François Gagné

Financial Security Advisor, specializing in insurance and group annuities

Sabrina Mailloux

President and HR Consultant for Soluflex Montérégie-Est

Éric Archambault

President of Connexion Coaching Inc

Volunteers wanted

Our team is currently complete for the 2023 Centraide campaign.

If you have an interest in offering your assistance to the team for the 2024 campaign, we would be happy to meet and discuss with you.

The various territories to be served:

  • Les Maskoutains RCM
  • Acton RCM
  • Pierre-de Saurel RCM
  • Rouville RCM
  • Vallée-du-Richelieu RCM
  • Haute-Yamaska RCM
  • Brome-Missisquoi RCM

In partnership with our Philanthropic Director, Mr. Sylvain Chassé, the volunteer’s role is to:

  • Distribute campaign materials (posters, brochures, promotional items, etc.) to businesses organizing workplace campaigns.
  • Conduct follow-up phone and email communication with Business Campaign Managers (BCM) to ensure the smooth progress of their campaign and assess their needs.
  • Be present at certain activities (bike challenge, golf tournament, booths) to promote the Centraide cause within businesses and support the team.
  • Collect completed campaign reports from businesses once their campaign is completed.

Approximately 5 to 10 hours per week, during the day

September to December

Are you interested?

Contact Sylvain Chassé at 450-773-6679, extension 204, or via email at