MRC de Pierre-De Saurel

7 agencies - 160 288 $

Promoting the quality of life for families with children aged 0 to 17, particularly during the child’s first twelve years of life. Their actions aim to enrich the parenting experience to promote the full development of the child. Their support is provided from pregnancy onwards.

– Individual support at home
– Support for parents with a child with special needs
– Accompaniment
– Daycare service
– Referrals
– Rental and purchase of various products related to breastfeeding, maternity, or child behavior improvement
– Information and enrichment workshops
– Parent-child stimulation workshop

Served Territory: Pierre-De Saurel MRC

Visitez : Carrefour Naissance-Famille

Mission To promote and develop volunteer action in the Pierre-de-Saurel MRC in support of aid services, as well as community organizations expressing a need for it.


  • Reception, referral, and accompaniment
  • Collective kitchens
  • Medical transportation
  • Social reintegration
  • Laundry room
  • Sewing workshop
  • Food assistance
  • Medical support

Served Territory: Pierre-De Saurel MRC

Visitez : CAB du Bas-Richelieu

Mission To contribute, through our actions, to the fight against poverty, food security, and the exclusion of individuals.


  • Friendly and welcoming living environment (from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM for clients) (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM for administration)
  • Community cafeteria service, serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks; Monday to Friday.
  • Monthly dinner (last Thursday of each month)
  • Mini surplus food counter accessible to users
  • Listening, referral, accompaniment, and popular education services by the community worker to break the isolation of people who frequent the cafeteria
  • Emergency food and clothing assistance
  • Development of links with various local organizations to maximize existing services while continuously adapting to the changing needs of the community
  • Various workshops on general information
  • Various occasional activities throughout the year To ensure that the needs and expectations of users are met, a members’ advisory committee has been created so that they have their official right to speak and be heard during monthly meetings.

Served Territory: Pierre-De Saurel MRC

Visitez : La Porte du Passant

Mission To operate a leisure center with a focus on preventing delinquency, particularly for minors, through activities based on empowerment, increased self-esteem, personal growth, discovery of new interests, and providing support to young people.


  • Animation and intervention
  • Drug addiction prevention
  • Reception, listening, and referral
  • Street and community work
  • Les Explorateurs Project (homework assistance and manual workshops for ages 9-12)

Served Territories: Sorel-Tracy, Ste-Anne-de-Sorel, St-Joseph-de-Sorel, Ste-Victoire-de-Sorel.

Visitez : Maison de jeunes de Sorel

Mission The mission of Maison la Margelle Inc. is to provide therapy and social integration services to its clientele who, due to behavioral, psychosocial, or family difficulties caused by alcoholism, drug addiction, or pathological gambling, require such services, as well as accompanying and supporting services for their surroundings.

The clientele of Maison la Margelle consists of men and women struggling with alcohol, drug, pathological gambling, and cyber addiction problems, who have voluntarily chosen to participate in pre-therapy, therapy, or respite stages.


  • Evaluation
  • Help and support for detoxification
  • Referral
  • Pre-therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Group therapy with accommodation (20 days)
  • One-year post-cure follow-up
  • Internal respite (7 days or more)
  • External social reintegration

Served Territory: Montérégie

Visitez : Maison La Margelle

Mission Maison La Source du Richelieu is a shelter and support center for women experiencing violence or difficulties, and their children, aiming for safety and empowerment over their lives.


  • Individual and group intervention for housed women and children.
  • Support in socio-legal proceedings.
  • External consultations for women and children.
  • Post-shelter follow-up for women and their children.

Served Territories: Pierre-De Saurel MRC and Contrecœur City.

Visitez : Maison La Source du Richelieu

Mission Le Passeur is a non-profit organization that works preventively and therapeutically with men experiencing difficulties and/or exhibiting violent behaviors in domestic, family, or social settings.


  • Awareness, prevention, and intervention
  • Individual and group therapy

Served Territory: Pierre-De Saurel MRC

Visitez : Le passeur

MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu

6 agencies - 108 503 $

Mission To promote volunteer action in various sectors of human activity on the territory while responding to the needs of the community.


  • For individuals/families: food assistance, medical transportation accompaniment, Full Belly Program, I Learn Well, September Operation, Christmas Sharing, Youth Mail
  • For seniors: medical transportation accompaniment, support for quality of life, Meals on Wheels, friendly dinners, animation in retirement homes, assistance with errands, friendly visits, friendly phone calls, home library
  • For volunteers: supervision, training, recognition
  • For organizations: recruitment, coordination, and technical support
  • CAB’s Thrift Shop: open to everyone

Served Territory: Vallée-du-Richelieu MRC

Visitez : CAB de la Vallée-du-Richelieu

Mission L’Entraide pour Hommes is an autonomous community organization that caters to men experiencing domestic or family violence and men facing temporary difficulties by offering activities and intervention services, awareness, mutual aid, and prevention.

Vision To be the reference in its community for reception, mutual aid, prevention, and intervention for men facing temporary difficulties and experiencing domestic and family violence. The organization focuses on empowering and supporting men in finding solutions. In collaboration with local resources, it is present and active in its territory.


  • Information and telephone referrals
  • Welcome meetings
  • Individual orientation meetings
  • Support group for distressed men
  • Intervention group for men exhibiting violent behaviors
  • Service for men experiencing violence

Served Territory: Richelieu-Yamaska, Longueuil

Visitez : L’Entraide pour Homme

Mission The mission of Maison de Répit l’Intermède is to provide respite care, both on-site and sometimes at home, to natural families living with a person with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder.


  • Respite leisure and social integration program
  • Home respite program

Served Territory: CLSC des Patriotes

Visitez : L’Intermède

Mission To offer listening to young people aged 12-17 and educational support in complementarity with school. To develop a sense of responsibility in adolescents. To encourage dynamic involvement on their part in the community. To contribute to the prevention of delinquency through the involvement of significant adults. To promote communication and understanding between young people and adults. To bring the community and adolescents closer together by establishing direct connections.


  • Awareness and prevention workshops
  • Homework assistance

Served Territories: St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu, St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, St-Charles-sur-Richelieu.

Visitez : Maison des Jeunes La Traversée

Mission Empower adolescents aged 12 to 17 to be active, critical, and responsible in their community by providing a meeting place and/or assistance and referral services.


  • Reception, listening, and referral
  • Homework assistance
  • Volunteer activities
  • Organization of sports, cultural, artistic activities, workshops, and conferences

Served Territory: Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Beloeil, McMasterville, and Otterburn Park.

Visitez : Maison des jeunes des Quatre Fenêtres

Mission To promote the social integration of individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental health disorders by creating a support link with a volunteer citizen.


  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Evaluation and screening of volunteers
  • Assessment of the needs of mentees (individuals with intellectual disabilities or mental health disorders) who have requested support
  • Pairing
  • Follow-up and support
  • Occasional integration activities to support our members, promote a sense of belonging to the organization, and recruit new volunteers
  • Integration activities conducted by our student(s) with mentees awaiting pairing
  • On request, information workshops or discussion groups
  • Integration and respite activities

Served Territories: Vallée-du-Richelieu MRC, Rouville MRC, Marguerite d’Youville MRC, and Pierre-de-Saurel MRC.

Visitez : Parrainage civique

MRC des Maskoutains

15 agencies - 267 875 $


  • To provide 9 places (1 building) in short-term housing for youth aged 12 to 17 experiencing personal, family, school, and/or social difficulties. Post-housing.
  • To offer (3 buildings) 15 places in community housing in transition apartments for troubled and homeless youth aged 16-23 who wish to improve their living conditions. Post-housing.


  • Ages 12 to 17: Help adolescents resolve their problems through group intervention, individual interventions, and family interventions to raise awareness of the issues experienced by the young person and their environment.
  • Ages 16 to 23: Group and individual interventions are offered to accompany the young person in developing the skills necessary to organize their adult life. 2 accommodations reserved for young mothers. Services available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and 365 days/year.

Served Territories: MRC d’Acton, MRC de la Haute-Yamaska, MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu, MRC de Pierre-De Saurel, MRC des Maskoutains, and MRC de Rouville. When three places are available, youth from other MRCs are welcomed.

Visitez : Le Baluchon


Located in Saint-Damase, this Camp brings happiness, particularly to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism, by providing them with an unforgettable stay. The Camp offers respite to those who are caregivers in a family setting, by giving them a few days of rest. Their activities begin in July and end in mid-August.


  • Specialized vacation camp

Served Territory: MRC des Maskoutains and surrounding cities.

Visitez : Camp Richelieu


A community organization aiming to provide families in St-Pie and surrounding areas with access to prevention, support, accompaniment, and referral services to various resources.


  • Parent-child activities
  • Grandmother Cuddles service
  • Daycare service
  • Collective kitchens
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Homework help
  • Listening and counseling service, referrals
  • Service for seniors (Cardio-Seniors, series of meetings, etc.)
  • Teen and preteen groups for ages 7 to 17 (Les Créateurs and L’Ado-Essence)

Visitez : centre de la Famille St-Pie


Our mission is to operate a 24/7 respite center to assist families of intellectually disabled individuals with various associated issues, providing support for just a few hours, a few days, or for a week or more, whether for vacations or other reasons. The center specializes in meeting the needs of individuals with multiple disabilities and focuses its activities on development and mobility. Love, autonomy, humor, and sharing are family values that the center prioritizes.


  • Respite

Served Territories: MRC des Maskoutains and Montérégie

Visitez: Centre Louise Bibeau


Our mission is to provide the population of the region with aid and consultation services for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties and any crisis situation.


  • 24/7 telephone service
  • Crisis accommodation
  • Accommodation for individuals experiencing situational or chronic homelessness
  • Face-to-face crisis follow-up meetings
  • Occasional crisis intervention meetings

Served Territories: MRC des Maskoutains, MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu, MRC d’Acton.

Visitez : Contact Richelieu-Yamaska

Mission: La Clé sur la Porte is a shelter and support house for women victims of domestic violence and their children. We offer our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Reception and accommodation
  • Assistance with administrative procedures for women and children
  • Prevention and awareness
  • Direct telephone counseling or through the “S.O.S. Domestic Violence” line
  • Individual follow-up and group meetings for women and children during their stay
  • External consultations for non-residents, women, children, and former residents
  • Conferences on the issue and services
  • Community and school awareness campaigns

Served Territories: MRC des Maskoutains, MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu, and MRC d’Acton.

Visitez : La Clé sur la porte

Mission: Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of community organizations in food supply, particularly registered charities, by implementing and coordinating a fair system for redistributing food collected by La Moisson Maskoutaine to these organizations.


  • Collection and redistribution of food items
  • Support for rural municipalities in developing alternative services to food assistance (collective kitchens, budget assistance, group purchases)

Served Territory: MRC des Maskoutains, partially MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu

We support families and individuals with low to moderate incomes by offering collective kitchen services in rural municipalities within the MRC des Maskoutains territory and in neighborhood recreational centers in the city of Saint-Hyacinthe.

Served Territory: MRC des Maskoutains.

Visitez : Moisson Maskoutaine

Mission: Our mission is to promote volunteerism and support individuals and families in the community by providing assistance services to meet essential needs, aiming to improve their quality of life.


  • Program for Single Individuals: Food service: soup kitchen (Accueil Fraternel) Support service: psychosocial intervention, social reintegration program, assistance with forms/taxes
  • Program for the Elderly Living at Home: Prevention services: P.A.I.R. / Info-Stop Plus / Transportation assistance / friendly visits Assistance service: Meals on Wheels Support services: Caregivers’ Support Space (for natural caregivers), social integration activities, psychological support, assistance with forms/taxes, referrals
  • Program for Families in Need: Basic services: emergency food assistance / cooking with Little Chefs / Christmas food redistribution / thrift store Les Trouvailles de l’Abbé Leclerc / J’Habille un Ami / Operation September Support service: assistance with forms/taxes, budget assistance, psychosocial support, referrals

Served Territories: MRC des Maskoutains and territory of CISSS Montérégie Est.

Visitez : Centre de bénévolat Saint-Hyacinthe


Le Petit Pont is an autonomous community organization that promotes the creation, restoration, and maintenance of the parent-child bond, the exercise of optimal parenting, and the well-being of the child. It offers parents and children preventive and support services related to, among other things, relational issues as well as supervised access services (SAS), particularly during separation or divorce.

In line with the organization’s values, the intervention approach focuses on empowering and empowering children and parents experiencing psychosocial issues or difficult relational situations, particularly in the context of pre-separation, separation, or post-separation. Parental relationships. The child remains connected to their parents despite the fact that the parental couple is challenged or dissolved. Depending on the service offered and the issues experienced, the organization uses one or a combination of approaches such as observation, empowerment approach, cognitive-behavioral approach, solution-oriented approach, and systemic approach. The organization promotes the altruistic and collaborative work of its employees and partners so that parents and children can engage in appropriate activities, enrich their family experience, make better progress in their own journey, all in the interest of the child and their family.


  • Supervised visits (SAS)
  • Supervised custody exchanges (SAS)
  • Supervised phone conversations (SAS)
  • Observation reports (SAS)
  • Workshops on the impact of parental separation in person or via webinar (prevention)
  • Workshops on parental alienation (prevention)
  • Workshops on communication between former partners (support)
  • Workshops on managing emotions during parental separation for children (support)
  • Parental and family coaching (support)
  • Referrals (support)
  • Collective project initiated and managed by the organization: Youth Mail (prevention and support)
  • Collective project: Workshops on parenting and co-parenting (prevention)

Served Territories: Montérégie, mainly in the East such as the MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu, MRC des Maskoutains, MRC d’Acton, MRC de Rouville, etc.

Visitez : Le petit Pont


MADH provides an alternative resource for adults, both men and women, experiencing varying degrees of mental health issues, who are eager to acquire functional (budgeting, hygiene, etc.) and behavioral skills necessary to lead an active and serene life in independent apartments, with the aim of preventing hospitalization, rehospitalization, and homelessness.


  • Transitional housing (3 to 6 months)
  • Social reintegration program
  • Post-housing follow-up
  • Art therapy

Served Territories: MRC des Maskoutains, MRC de la Vallée-du-Richelieu, and MRC d’Acton.

Visitez : MADH


The youth center for 12 to 17-year-olds, created by them and for them, regardless of their background, environment, or style. It welcomes youth with diverse interests who want to get involved and mobilize differently, deciding how they will spend their leisure time. The goal is to bring young people, in contact with significant adults, to become critical, active, and responsible citizens.


Social interventions: Support for youth in difficulty Workshops and activities for prevention and awareness Study assistance Employment assistance Listening, assistance, and referrals Recreational activities Information

Served Territory: Saint-Hyacinthe.

Visitez : Maison des jeunes de Saint-Hyacinthe

Mission: To maintain and operate a therapy center with or without accommodation, utilizing, among other approaches, the principles of the AA movement (the 12 steps) for individuals struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, and other dependencies.


Short-term therapy for 21 days + 10 weeks of follow-up (maintenance phase) Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, and others External service for cyber addiction (free) Support for family members Stabilization (7 days internally)

Served Territory: We welcome clients from across the province.

Visitez : Maison l’Alcôve

Mission: An autonomous community organization advocating for the rights of workers, whether employed or unemployed, aiming to improve living conditions through individual and collective empowerment.


  • Rights advocacy: information, assistance, accompaniment, and representation
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • CNESST – Labor Standards Division
  • CNESST – Occupational Health and Safety Division
  • Training: Employment Insurance Act and interactions with labor laws
  • Information: social laws related to the labor market, realities of the labor market
  • Assistance and consultation

Served Territories: MRC des Maskoutains, MRC d’Acton, MRC de la Haute-Yamaska, MRC de Rouville.

Visitez: Mouvement d’Aide et de Consultation sur le travail

Mission: A community organization aiming for the social integration and participation of individuals with intellectual disabilities, physical or sensory impairments, or autism spectrum disorder through a mentoring relationship with a volunteer citizen to alleviate isolation.


  • Assessment, matching, and follow-up
  • Awareness campaigns

Visitez : Parrainage civique

MRC d’Acton

3 agencies - 62 262 $

Mission: The Centre de Bénévolat d’Acton Vale is a nonprofit organization with the mission to promote volunteerism; support and assist individuals and families in the community by providing aid services to meet essential needs, aiming to improve their quality of life. The Centre de Bénévolat identifies four areas of action for fulfilling its mission: the development of volunteer and community action, support for volunteers, support for organizations, and direct services.


  • Food assistance
  • Community kitchen
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Collective kitchen
  • Tax clinic
  • Technical support/budget assistance
  • Family thrift store
  • Support for organizations
  • Support for natural caregivers

Served Territory: MRC d’Acton

Visitez : Centre de bénévolat d’Acton Vale

Mission: The Petite Ferme de l’Auberge aims to accommodate, assist, and support men in difficulty in a harmonious and secure social context, thereby fostering their personal and collective growth.


  • Accommodation
  • Support and guidance
  • Food assistance

Territory served: Men from all regions of Quebec.

Visitez : Petite Ferme de l’Auberge

Mission: On a voluntary basis, maintain a lively meeting place where young people aged 12 to 17, in contact with significant adults, can become active, critical, and responsible citizens.


  • Information
  • Relaxation area
  • Prevention
  • Listening
  • Referral

Territories served: Roxton Falls, Roxton Township, and Béthanie.

Visitez : L’oxy-Bulle de Roxton

MRC de Rouville

6 agencies - 71 873$

Mission: To bring together people with disabilities from the area. To advocate for making buildings in the region accessible to people with disabilities. To raise awareness in the community about the issues facing people with disabilities. To assist and promote the integration of people with disabilities into social and economic frameworks. To advocate for rights, promote interests, and improve the condition of people with disabilities. ALPHA regularly organizes socio-cultural, informational, and recreational activities for people with disabilities in the area to alleviate their isolation, exchange experiences, build connections, provide moral support, inform, facilitate the gathering of these individuals, and offer respite to families.


  • Family support activities
  • Advocacy activities for individuals and rights defense
  • Activities with individuals with disabilities

Territories served: Richelieu, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Chambly, Carignan, Marieville, Ste-Angèle-de-Monnoir, Rougemont, Saint-Césaire.

Visitez : ALPHA

*This organization is a partner in the Centraide Opération Septembre (COS) program.

Mission: To promote volunteer action in various sectors of human activity and to encourage a response to community needs.

Services offered to individuals: Transportation assistance and grocery shopping support, CAB-à-Lunch, Caregivers’ Café meeting, Tax clinic, Collective kitchen, Friendship breakfast, Food assistance, Community garden, Thousand and One Words program, Opération Septembre, Christmas basket and Guignolée, Meals on Wheels, Loan of orthopedic equipment and computers, Friendly visits.

Services offered to organizations: Éduc-à-Tout, CFARE, OPEX Workforce Center, Projet GrandiOse, Room rental.

Territories served: Saint-Césaire

Visitez : Centre d’action bénévole de Saint-Césaire

Mission To promote volunteer action and meet community needs.


  • Services for families: thrift store (clothing, dishes and appliances, toys, books, and more), food assistance, transportation assistance for medical appointments, assistance with forms and taxes, various referrals.
  • Services for seniors: Meals on Wheels, frozen meals, transportation assistance for medical appointments, assistance with shopping, phone calls and friendly visits, loan of orthopedic equipment.
  • Support for organizations: internships, loan of kitchen for collective cooking, room rental, loan of material or equipment.
  • Support for volunteers: recruitment, welcome and training, support and listening.

Territories served: Marieville, Rougemont, Richelieu, Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir, and Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu. Entire MRC for the PAIR program.

Visitez : CAB La Seigneurie de Monnoir

Mission To promote social and professional integration, orientation, personal growth, overall health (psychological and physical), and vocational training for youth, especially those in situations of exclusion. Additionally, the organization aims to work on intercultural rapprochement, education on ecology, recovery, and the emergence of global consciousness through its activities.


  • Socio-professional integration program
  • Individualized and personalized support (psychosocial and career counseling)
  • Workshops for personal and social development
  • Specific training in various employment fields (agriculture, horticulture, and food processing)
  • Job search assistance
  • Two-year post-course follow-up

Territory served: Montérégie-Est (Rouville, Haute-Yamaska, and Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipalities)

Visitez : Les Jardins de La Terre

Mission The Youth Center of Marieville offers a meeting place for adolescents aged 12 to 17 so they can gather, realize their potential, stimulate their participation, and become responsible. These connections offer warmth, friendship, and understanding. We address the needs of young people in terms of leisure, prevention, assistance, active listening, information, and referrals. The Youth Center is a living environment. Therefore, it is managed according to ethical rules based on values of respect and well-being of young people. This allows us to maintain our safe, welcoming, and stable environment. Our mission is to promote overall well-being for young people, making them active and responsible members of the adult world and the community.


  • Prevention workshops
  • Listening, information, assistance, and referrals
  • Activities

Territory served: Marieville

Visitez : L’Adrén’Ado

Mission To provide a lively space where young people aged 12 to 17 can learn to become active, critical, and responsible adults through social, cultural, and sports activities.


  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Homework help
  • Workshops
  • Job search assistance

Territories served: Saint-Césaire, Rougemont, Ange-Gardien, Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford, Marieville, Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, and Ste-Brigide.

Visitez : Maison de jeunes des Quatre Lieux

MRC de la Haute-Yamaska

12 agencies - 270 538$

Mission An organization providing assistance in budgeting, debt management, consumer issues, and housing, particularly for people living in poverty.


  • Individual budget consultations
  • Budgetary, consumer, or housing interventions
  • Workshops
  • Financial aid

Territories served: MRC d’Acton, MRC de Brome-Missisquoi, MRC de la Haute-Yamaska, MRC des Maskoutains, MRC de Rouville.

Visitez : ACEF Montérégie-Est

Mission: ASMT’s mission is to provide shelter, support, and social integration services to men experiencing situational difficulties, homelessness, or offenders, actively supporting them in their quest for autonomy.


  • Shelter and meals
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Counseling (referrals, support, accompaniment, reinforcement of positive achievements, and acquisition of new skills)
  • Employment integration
  • Budget assistance
  • Affiliation and/or social reintegration
  • Supervision of community and compensatory work
  • Post-shelter follow-up

Territories served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska and surrounding regions.

Visitez : Auberge sous mon toit


The mission of the Granby Volunteer Center is to promote volunteerism in all fields of activity and to offer volunteer services tailored to the needs of the population of Granby and surrounding cities. These services are primarily aimed at seniors and families in need.


  • For families: homework help, babysitting, grandmother cuddles, assistance with income tax returns, referral and information service, 211 service, Bonhomme à lunettes program, Read and Share program
  • Services for seniors or individuals with reduced autonomy: Meals on Wheels, friendly visits, loan of equipment, medical transportation accompaniment, 211 service, Bonhomme à lunettes program
  • Services for volunteers and promotion of volunteerism

Territories served: Granby, Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby, Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton, Roxton Pond, Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford.

Visitez : Centre d’action bénévole de Granby

Mission: To promote and develop volunteer action in various sectors of human activity by fostering a space for volunteer engagement around issues (socio-community-humanitarian) that concern the population of its territory.

Services: Our 3 areas of action according to the new framework of reference of the Federation of Volunteer Centers of Quebec, June 2015.

  • Development of volunteer action: Promoting volunteer action and supporting volunteers
  • Community support: Services to individuals and support to organizations
  • Governance and associative life

Territories served: Waterloo, Canton de Shefford, Warden, St-Joachim-de-Shefford.

Visitez : CAB des 4 vents

Mission: To address suicidal behaviors by developing activities and programs for promotion, prevention, intervention, and postvention. Our services aim to help suicidal individuals, their families, and those bereaved by suicide.


  • Telephone intervention – Crisis follow-up
  • Individual and group support for the bereaved – Intervention following a suicide
  • Training for volunteers and professionals – Group for suicidal men
  • Information sessions and awareness campaigns – Prevention for children aged 8 to 12

Territories served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska and MRC de Brome-Missisquoi.

Visitez : Centre de prévention du suicide de la Haute-Yamaska et Brome-Missisquoi

Mission: To establish an association to support women primarily facing issues related to their living conditions and mental health. Create a support network among local resources, thereby facilitating better intervention for women in need.

  • Inform, educate, and raise awareness among women about their situation and rights.
  • Accompany these individuals to various resources to provide the moral support they need to overcome their difficulties.
  • Offer an alternative crisis housing option for women aged 18 and over.

Services: Welcoming, listening, individual support Workshops Roundtable discussions Crisis accommodation

Territories served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska (MRC de Brome-Missisquoi for housing).

Visitez : Entr’Elles

Mission: To support any adult experiencing mental health issues in their development to help them reclaim their power to be and act for greater autonomy and a better quality of life, in collaboration with their environment.


  • Peer support
  • Day center
  • Community support
  • Workbench

Territory served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska

Visitez : Alternative en santé mentale l’Autre Versant

Mission: La Barak is a lively and supervised meeting place for youth aged 12 to 17, where significant adults accompany them in becoming critical, active, and responsible citizens. It’s a resource-rich environment, providing information, leisure activities, and opportunities for youth projects. La Barak also offers awareness and prevention workshops on various topics (nutrition, violence, communication, etc.). Occasionally, they provide low-cost meals.


  • Listening
  • Counseling
  • Referral and guidance
  • Planning and implementation of various projects by and for youth
  • Awareness and prevention workshops
  • Street work

Territory served: Granby and surrounding areas.

Visitez : La Barak

Mission: Le Passant aims to provide assistance, support, and referrals to men in critical personal and/or social situations, with the goal of stabilizing them, empowering them to take control of their lives, and directing them towards an environment conducive to their well-being and functioning.


  • Short-term accommodation

Territories served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska, MRC de Brome-Missisquoi, MRC d’Acton, MRC des Maskoutains.

Visitez : Le Passant

Mission: On a voluntary basis, L’Exit de Waterloo association of youth and adults has taken on the mission of providing an animated meeting place in their community for prevention work with adolescents aged 12 to 17, in addition to street intervention. Through popular education, this organization aims to empower young people to aspire to a promising future. The main youth issues addressed include violence, substance abuse, school dropout, suicidal ideation, and relational difficulties.


  • Reception
  • Listening and support
  • Referral and accompaniment
  • Homework assistance
  • Cultural workshops
  • Employment assistance
  • Street work

Territories served: Waterloo, Shefford, Bromont, Warden, Saint-Joachim and Stukely-Sud

Visitez : L’Exit de Waterloo

Mission: Ensuring the welcome of immigrants, facilitating their integration, and promoting intercultural understanding while respecting the values of the host community and aiming for their autonomy.


  • Reception
  • Regionalization
  • French language training
  • Health liaison
  • Employment assistance
  • Volunteer service and pairing
  • Childcare assistance service

Territories served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska and MRC de Brome-Missisquoi

Visitez : SERY

Mission: A shelter providing assistance to women in difficulty from all backgrounds. We focus on the autonomy and empowerment of each individual to ensure that women reintegrate into society. We offer them support, listening ear, and guidance during necessary steps. The maximum length of stay is set at three months.


  • Welcome, support, and guidance
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Referrals

Territories served: MRC de la Haute-Yamaska, MRC de Brome-Missisquoi.

Visitez : Transition pour Elles

MRC de Brome-Missisquoi

12 agencies - 194 766 $

Mission: To defend and promote the rights of physically and/or sensory disabled adults in the territory of the MRC de Brome-Missisquoi.

Services: Free and confidential

  • Advocacy, breaking isolation, social integration, reception, listening, support, referral, information, awareness.
  • Community awareness
  • Round tables for disabled persons in Brome-Missisquoi
  • Meetings
  • Expertise in universal accessibility

Territory served: MRC de Brome-Missisquoi

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Mission: Camp Garagona is a community-based housing organization catering to individuals living with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder. It offers a range of bilingual socio-recreational services on a day, weekend, and week basis (summer camp).


  • Vacation camp
  • Respite center
  • Day activity service
  • Group accommodation

Territories served: Primarily Montérégie, Estrie, Montréal, Laval, Lanaudière, Laurentides, Outaouais. It caters to individuals from all regions of Quebec with particular attention to the needs of those in the Brome-Missisquoi region.

Visitez : Camp Garagona

Mission: PANDA aims to provide the necessary services for the proper functioning of families in the region with a child who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and/or a learning disorder.


  • Support groups
  • Support and accompaniment
  • Adapted day camp / Educational day camp
  • Respite care
  • Orthopedagogical follow-up
  • Active listening

Territory served: MRC de Brome-Missisquoi

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Mission: The Cellule jeunes et Familles aims to welcome and support young people, adults, families, and the elderly in distress or as a last resort by listening to them, helping them, accompanying them, referring them, and involving them in various activities so that they can develop their self-esteem and autonomy to function as full citizens in the community.


  • Personalized interventions
  • Accompaniments
  • Community and humanitarian activities
  • Weekly meetings
  • Emergency food assistance
  • Furniture assistance
  • Drug addiction prevention workshops
  • Screening and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Family proximity work for ages 1-5
  • Elderly proximity work
  • Laundry service

Territory served: MRC de Brome-Missisquoi

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Mission: The CAB de Bedford et Environs aims to serve a diverse clientele through various fields of activity. It seeks to elicit a response to the needs of the community through volunteers and promote self-empowerment among those in need.


  • Recruitment and training of volunteers
  • Medical accompaniment/transportation
  • Food assistance and alternative grocery options
  • Medication assistance
  • Academic support
  • Budget consultations
  • Christmas grocery sharing
  • Grocery assistance for the elderly
  • Tax clinic
  • Assistance with government forms
  • PAIR agency (telephone safety program)

Territories served: Bedford, Bedford Canton, Notre-Dame-de-Stanbridge, Pike River, St-Armand, St-Ignace-de-Stanbridge, Stanbridge East, Stanbridge Station.

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Mission: Le CAB de Farnham vise à promouvoir l’action bénévole, à soutenir les bénévoles et les organismes, et à offrir des services aux individus.


  • Activités d’intégration sociale
  • Cuisines collectives pour les aînés
  • Aide aux courses
  • Visites amicales
  • Rédaction de déclarations d’impôts
  • Dépannage alimentaire
  • Accompagnement-transport médical
  • Paniers de Noël
  • Soutien scolaire
  • Information et référence

Territoires desservis: Farnham, Ste-Brigide, Ange-Gardien, Ste-Sabine.

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Mission: The CAB de Sutton aims to improve the social fabric of the communities of Sutton and Abercorn by providing services and supporting volunteer action.


  • Food bank
  • Collective kitchens
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Homework help
  • Friendship visits
  • Family resources

Territories served: Sutton, Sutton Junction, Abercorn, Glen Sutton.

Visitez : CAB de Sutton

Mission: A primarily daytime center aimed at improving the living conditions of women both collectively and individually across various aspects of their lives and roles.


  • Reception
  • Collective kitchen
  • Listening support
  • Community garden
  • Referrals
  • Self-awareness workshops
  • Accompaniment
  • Meeting with a resource person
  • Group purchases

Territory served: MRC of Brome-Missisquoi

Mission: Le Parenfant is a community organization that advocates for the well-being of children by offering services such as supervised visits, supervised custody exchanges, and psychosocial support. Since its establishment in 1995, Le Parenfant has always aimed to promote, maintain, or enhance the parent-child bond in a healthy, safe, and non-conflictual environment. The supervised visit service allows the non-custodial parent to spend quality time with their child under the supervision of a qualified intervenor. Custody exchanges are available to parents with shared custody who, due to conflicts or disagreements, use Le Parenfant to transition the child from one environment to another. The child is therefore not placed in the midst of adult conflicts.


  • Supervision of access rights
  • Psychosocial support
  • Supervision of parent-child meetings

Territories served: MRC of Brome-Missisquoi and MRC of Haute-Yamaska.

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Mission: A community organization aimed at improving the living conditions of young families in the region through various education and support activities, promoting the harmonious development of young children, the valorization of the parenting role, and the improvement of family living conditions.


  • Welcome, listening, and support
  • Financial assistance, transportation assistance
  • Organizational support
  • Workshops

Territories served: Farnham, Sainte-Brigide, Sainte-Sabine, Ange-Gardien.

Mission: To provide adolescents aged 12 to 17 with an accessible meeting place that respects their financial situation. Enable these young people to develop and carry out their own projects. Create a free recreational environment where they can engage in their favorite activities. The primary objective is to maintain and intensify outreach to disconnected youth affected by poverty and numerous social issues through street outreach workers.


  • Meeting place
  • Cultural workshops and Web radio
  • Prevention activities
  • Support, listening, and referral
  • Skatefest and skate park

Territories served: Farnham, Ange-Gardien, Sainte-Sabine, Sainte-Brigide.

Visitez : Maison des Jeunes de Farnham

Mission: To assist young people aged 12 to 17 facing difficulties related to poverty, drug and alcohol consumption, difficult relationships with their family or peers, etc. Support them by offering educational and prevention activities on the issues they face. Young people are thus able to develop skills such as learning about community life, autonomy, and the defense and promotion of their rights.


  • Awareness activities
  • Individual listening service
  • Meeting place

Territories served: Sutton, Abercorn, Glen Sutton, and Brome.

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