Support youth success

Centraide R-Y acts by supporting programs that can break the cycle of poverty by:

  • Stimulating early childhood development
  • Encouraging academic perseverance
  • Supporting parents and families/li>
  • Preventing homelessness

In Richelieu-Yamaska, too many families still lack the resources and support to provide their children with the right conditions to develop. Too many children start kindergarten unprepared and accumulate multiple delays that may impact their entire school careers. Too many teens leave school without a diploma and risk becoming adults with low-paid and insecure jobs and risk getting caught up in a cycle of poverty that their children will likely fall into as well.

27 %
of our investments

Take care of the essentials

Centraide R-Y acts by offering durable solutions to meet the basic needs of individuals and families.

  • Provide food security
  • Facilitate access to decent housing

Housing is an essential need. However, in Greater Montreal, many people live in inadequate housing or housing they can’t afford.

No family should spend more than 30% of its household income on rent. But when you work for minimum wage, it’s impossible not to exceed this ratio.

And since rent and bills have to be paid first, other essential needs such as food and clothing get cut.

9% of our investments go to programs that support access to housing, clothing, and food. We are funding 18 partner agencies and projects in Richelieu-Yamaska.

9 %
of our investments

Break social isolation

Centraide R-Y acts by providing marginalized people with support, support networks and places of belonging to:

  • Break the isolation of seniors
  • Promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Assist workers in difficulty through the Réseau des délégués sociaux FTQ en Montérégie
  • Help people experiencing a crisis, hardship or mental health issue
  • Support the integration of immigrants and refugees

Some population groups are more at risk of poverty and social exclusion than others and experience hardship because of family breakups, aging, functional limitations, mental health problems, difficult periods of change, or a recent immigration.

45% of our investments go to programs to help people in a vulnerable situation break their isolation. We are funding 56 partner agencies and projects in Richelieu-Yamaska.

45 %
of our investments

Build caring communities

Centraide R-Y acts by giving agencies the ability to play a leading role in improving the living conditions of their neighborhoods.

  • Encourage volunteer action
  • Reinforce agency skills and leadership

Neighbourhood residents, organizations and institutions are joining forces more and more to find solutions to the problems they encounter. In Richelieu-Yamaska, we can count on a network of more than 6600 volunteers.

19% of our investments go to programs that support the development of caring communities. We are funding 15 partner agencies and projects in Richelieu-Yamaska.

19 %
of our investments