Our mission

Our mission

To improve the lives of people in a situation of poverty and social exclusion through a partnership with local community agencies.

What does Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska do?

Centraide R-Y is a philanthropic organization that invests locally to support a vast network of community agencies. These agencies contribute to support youth success, take care of the essentials, break social isolation, and build caring communities in order to improve the quality of life in our community and empower its most vulnerable members to take charge of their lives.

Our vision

To be seen as a leader of social development in our community:

The 4 areas of action of CRY are to support youth success, to take care of the essentials, to break social isolation, and to build caring communities.

The values that guide us:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Solidarity
  • Transparency
  • Diversity


The Centraide branches in Quebec have a common set of values and rules that guide their actions.

Due to its mission, Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska reflects some characteristics and obeys imperatives that sets it apart from other organizations. Such a social contract imposes a unique bond of trust between the organisation and its community.