Allocations and Agency Relations Committee

A rigorous fund allocation process

Since 2016, two committees have overseen fund allocation. First, the Financial Verification Committee brings in recommendations after having studied the financial statements of the partner agencies and checking the relative share of Centraide R-Y’s funding for the entirety of their operations.

Afterwards, the Allocations and Agency Relations Committee (AARC), composed of volunteers, studies the funding requests from partner agencies. Then, AARC volunteers meet with the agencies to confirm their needs. Finally, they present recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding Centraide’s annual allocations to agencies.

Testimony (FR) - Jocelyn Couture, volunteer of AARC

AARC members 2023

Lise Allard Vincent
Ben Banachowski
Martine Boucher
4.Danielle Brassard
Danielle Brassard
5.Daniel Brault
Jocelyn Couture
6.Marc Champagne
Marc Champagne
7.Manon Coderre
Manon Coderre
8.Jocelyn Couture
Jocelyn Couture
9.Michel Couture
Michel Couture
Marc D'Aoust
Martine Faille
Claudine Gauvin
Ginette Picotin
Lyne Robillard
Pierre Vincent

AARC members 2022