Don't miss the 2019 campaign launch!

Come meet Hugo Girard, athlete and businessman, at a conference dinner at the Granby Zoo.


A guest with guts to kick off the launch of Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska’s 64th annual campaign, which will be held Tuesday September 10th at the Granby Zoo.

“La force du dépassement” conference

Through his conference “La force du dépassement”, strongman and accomplished businessman Hugo Girard wishes to make people aware of their full potential. According to him, there are no limits but the ones we set for ourselves. He demonstrates, through his career as a strongman and international professional athlete, that success depends on ourselves and our will to act.

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Our proud partners for this event:

Our honorary president for the 2019 campaign, Mr. Benoît Chartier.

President-editor of DBC communications

2019 campaign cabinet