2022 Campaign Launch

The launch of the Centraide 2022 campaign

On September 22, the 2022 Campaign Launch took place for Centraide Richelieu-Yamaska ​​(RY). An important moment for our organization and our region.

For the occasion, it was in the city of Granby, during a lunch-conference, that we kicked off.

This year, the formula was intended for partner organizations and businesses, with the specific goal of rallying our agents of change and further motivating them to continue to invest in the cause of Centraide.

For the occasion, the Minister of Transport, Mr. François Bonnardel came to greet the guests. Representatives of the Center for Artificial Insemination of Quebec (CIAQ) and the Cooperative Association of Family Economy Montérégie-Est (ACEF) gave valuable testimony highlighting their respective involvement in the Centraide cause. The meeting ended with the presentation of a snowy owl. An iconic Canadian bird, a force of nature, to reinforce the theme of the 2022 campaign; “Arise“.

Here are some pictures of our launch, with campaign slogan; “Without the weight of poverty and exclusion, it’s crazy how much you can rise. Let’s go, we Centraide”.

Benoît Chartier

Honorary president for the 2022 campaign

President-editor of DBC communications